San Francisco Public Press—Treasure Island Redevelopment

Uncertain about rising seas, developers using mid-range to build up islands

Most of Treasure Island will be inundated by the end of this century, if the documented progression of the ocean’s rise caused by climate change continues as predicted. Studies foresee sea-level rise ranging from as little as five inches to as much as six feet. The lowest parts of Treasure Island lie just four feet above the Bay’s low tide.

To buffer the island from the Bay, project officials say they have hit upon a solution that protects the development from ever-changing climate change assumptions.

They will build up the ground on 100 acres of the island to accommodate as much as 36 inches of sea-level rise, set back development from the shore and leave room for future levees or other adaptations. Read more….

Below are additional stories I contributed to the SFPP Treasure Island redevelopment package, which won the Society of Professional Journalists Northern California Chapter Explanatory Journalism award in 2010:

“Sand and silt require $137 million fix for Treasure Island”

“Pollution: experts concerned about Treasure Island clean up as seas rise”

“Financial upside for developers is long-term and risky city says”

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