Al Jazeera America–Can carbon dioxide removal save the planet?

imagesImagine 10 million car-sized contraptions dotted along shorelines and scattered throughout open spaces, sucking carbon dioxide from the air, powered by vast amounts of electricity and water. Or immense complexes for pulverizing and dumping limestone into the oceans at rates near the current use of coal. Or arable land devoted to growing biofuel rather than food on a planet with 9 billion people to feed.

The failure to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions will likely require countries to organize such massive efforts — called carbon-dioxide removal (CDR) techniques — or face temperatures rising more than the 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels, which scientists and the majority of nations have agreed is the threshold for avoiding crippling heat waves and droughts, severe storms and floods, and increases in sea level. Read more…

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