Aeon magazine–Backyard Evolution

Evolution works through tiny corridors of space and time, churning genes and transforming species before our very eyes. Peruse my bookshelves and you’ll find a suspiciously large number of the titles are devoted to wildlife and plants. There’s the western North America bird book; the natural history of neotropical mammals; Field Guide to Grasses of […]

Kuril Islands

Archeology Magazine—An Extreme Life

The Kuril Islands, a remote and inhospitable archipelago stretching between Japan and Russia, are providing researchers with insights into the nature of what humans can endure—and what they cannot. Sept/Oct 2013 issue. Read More…


Harper’s Magazine—The Continuation of Poverty, the Rebranding of Foreign Aid in Kenya

In 2006-2007, I investigated Jeffrey Sachs’ Millennium Villages Project by spending three weeks in Kenya, much of it in Sauri, the MVP’s first test village. The 7,000-word story ran in the May 2007 issues of Harper’s Magazine. The Continuation of Poverty (PDF)

Planned desert community in Antelope Valley

California Lawyer magazine—Section 8 Tenants Unwelcome

The city of Lancaster declares war on federally subsidized renters, claiming Los Angeles County is steering poor Tenants to the Antelope Valley. R. Rex Parris, mayor of Lancaster in the high desert of Los Angeles County, began his state-of-the-city address last February by praising his constituents. “We’ve done something nobody thought we could do,” he […]


Audubon—Off the Beaten Path

Wildlife tracking is making a comeback, attracting outdoor enthusiasts and biologists alike. For some it’s an engrossing hobby; for others it’s a critical contribution to conservation. The wind pushes little whitecaps across the Columbia River in Washington about 130 miles east of Seattle. The morning is crisp, and 15 or more of us stand in a […]


Plenty—Carbon Rush

A trillion-dollar market could be created as early as 2009 if the US decides to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. While consultants and financiers scramble to stake their claim in the carbon rush, the question that remains is: Will the environment emerge as the winner? On a February evening in the Butterfly Lounge overlooking San Francisco […]


PBS Frontline—HEAT

I was an off-camera reporter for “Heat,” a special two-hour documentary on business and climate change around the world, which aired on PBS Frontline Oct. 21, 2008. Rain Media, headed by correspondent Martin Smith, produced the film. April 2007 – November 2007. Read more about HEAT   Reviews Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times It’s […]


University of Texas Press—Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya: A Guide

From the back cover… By Victoria Schlesinger, introduction by Carlos Galindo-Leal, illustrated by Juan C. Chab-Medina University of Texas Press, 2002 A growing interest in all things Maya brings an increasing number of visitors to prehistoric Maya ruins and contemporary Maya communities in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, western Honduras, the Yucatan Peninsula, and the southern […]