Clip List

» Aeon Magazine online

Backyard Evolution,” 5/15

» Bay Nature magazine–Editor in Chief

Rancho Corral de Tierra: A sea to summit trek on the San Mateo coast,” 2/15

Making Their Mark: A generation that shaped the East Bay regional parks,” 7/14

Animal Tracking: Signs of Life,” 3/20/13

» Al Jazeera America online

Can carbon dioxide removal save the planet?” 4/14

If the world had a giant thermostat, who would control the weather?” 2/14

Scientists threatened by demands to share data,” 10/13

» Scientific American MindContract Editor

Is Your Brain Lying to You? How the brain leads us to believe false truths,” 3/14

Envy: The Feeling Can Help Us Even When It Hurts,” 12/13

         “Is Ketamine the Next Big Depression Drug,” 5/22/13

» Archaeology magazine

          “An Extreme Life,” 9-10/13

The Subatomic Dig,” 11-12/09

Desert Solitaire,” 6-7/07

» Modern Farmer website

Can a Lawsuit Help Save America’s Bees,” 5/7/13

» California Lawyer magazine

Section 8 Tenants Unwanted,” 7/12

» Audubon

Off the Beaten Path,” 10/11

» Way Out West: Bay Area Green News

WOW was a website that covered Bay Area environmental news. My co-founding partner, Alison Hawkes, and I covered policy, pollution, the clean-tech industry, and nature from the nine counties with an eye on regionally and nationally relevant stories. The site ran from July 2010 until July 2011, when we unfortunately had to concede we couldn’t financially sustain the website.

» San Francisco Public Press newspaper

The inaugural print issue of the SFPP included a special 8-page section of the redevelopment of Treasure Island titled “Can Treasure Island Realize Its Ecotopian Dream?” The following four stories were my contribution to the package, published June 22, 2010.

“Uncertain about rising seas, developers using mid-range estimate to build up island”

“Sand and silt require $137 million fix for Treasure Island”

“Pollution: experts concerned about Treasure Island clean up as seas rise”

“Financial upside for developers is long-term and risky city says”

» The New York Times

“Seeking to Help Budding Researchers With a Click of the Mouse,” April 2, 2010.

» Mother Jones magazine

Not Under My Backyard,” Nov.-Dec., 2009.

»Audubon magazine

Review essay of Greg Craven’s “What’s the Worst That Could Happen? A Rational Response to the Climate Change Debate.” Nov.-Dec., 2009.

Review essay of Robert Glennon’s “Unquenchable: America’s Water Crisis and What to do About it.” July-August, 2009.

Review of “Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness,” May-June, 2009.

News story “Giving Trees,” March-April, 2009.

» Christian Science Monitor

» ClimateWire

The difficult search for ‘green’ hydrogen,” Nov. 2008.

» Plenty magazine–Online Editor

Carbon Rush: A trillion-dollar market could be created as early as next year if the US decides to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. While consultants and financiers scramble to stake their claim in the carbon rush, the question that remains is: Will the environment emerge as the winner?” June 2008

“Solar thermal power just got hotter with linear Fresnel technology,” July 10, 2008

“Melting at the poles may be happening more rapidly than predicted,” April 11, 2008

“Can green save the US economy?”April 4, 2008

Can we stop hurricanes?” September 2008.

“The Great Greeting Card Debate,” Jan. 11, 2008

“Gore’s PR for the Planet,”Dec. 13, 2007

“Catching the energy wave,” December 3, 2007

Book reviews

“Earth Sans Earthlings,” July 19, 2007

“He Speaks for the Trees,”2007

» PBS Frontline—off-camera reporter

HEAT is a special two-hour documentary film on climate change and business that aired October 21, 2008. I was a reporter for producer Martin Smith.

Asia and Africa: Living on the Edge is a Frontline World short piece on the effects of climate change in communities. I was a reporter for producer Martin Smith.

» Discover magazine–Reporter for special issues

“The Amateur Scientists Who Might Cure Cancer…From Their Basements,” December 2008.

“Action Shots,” photo essay, summer 2008.

Year in Science, contributor, December 2007.

“Radical Transparency,” photo essay, summer 2007.

“Motor Cycle Diaries,” photo essay, spring 2007.

» Harper’s Magazine

» Scientific American online

60-Second Sciencea blog that gets to the point, the news and the humor of science in less than a minute.

“Insurers Claim Global Warming Makes Some Regions Too Hot to Handle,” August 1, 2007.